Rockhouse Lodge & The Depot Lodge
Man, West Virginia
1-304-583-6833 or 1-304-687-4657
Rockhouse Lodge and The Depot Lodge, Hatfield~McCoy
Trails, are located in the "ATV Friendly Town" of Man, WV,
is the halfway point between Bearwallow Trailhead, near
Logan and the Town of Gilbert
, site of the October Trailfest.
Our Guests may ride their ATV's directly to the
Rockhouse Trailhead (just over 1 mile), but should trailer to
BEARWALLOW TRAIL (about 12 miles North) the PINNACLE
CREEK TRAIL (35 miles South).  Waterways
and Ivy Branch
Trailheads are about 40 highway miles North of Man.  The
Indian Ridge and PocahontasTrailheads are about 45 to 65
miles South of us.

Hatfield McCoy Trails is currently working on the newest trail
system, which will give our riders 3 connected Trails and a
total of close to 300 miles of Trail to ride from either of our
Lodges.  Riders will be able to access the new Devil Anse Trail
from Rockhouse Trail #45 and travel about 3 miles to the
Hatfield Family Cemetery.  They can park and visit the
cemetery, which is the final resting place of Anderson "Devil
Anse" Hatfield, the iconic leader of the Hatfield Clan of the
Hatfield-McCoy Feud.  A photo of his life-size statue can be
viewed on our photo page.
Riders can continue riding the Devil Anse Trail to the Town of
Matewan and access Buffalo Mountain and it's 110 miles of
Trail.  Completion date for this new system is expected late
Spring or Summer of 2015.
You can ride your quad or dirtbike directly from either of our
Lodges about a mile to the Rockhouse Trailhead.  From there you
can ride 26  miles
through the hills to the Town of Gilbert in about
3 hours.  Gilbert also allows ATV's to "legally ride in town", so you
can ride down to McDonald's, Hardee's, Subway or a local
landmark like "Wally's" or Pizza Mingo. Gas up at Speedway, then
hit the Trail for a ride on the other side of the mountain back to
Rockhouse Lodge    &    The Depot Lodge     Hatfield-McCoy
ATV  Trails
(304)583-6833 or (304)687-4657